Accidentally… finding… Wes Anderson in Dublin

If you haven’t come across Wally and Amanda Koval’s project that gained millions of followers for its aesthetic, history and adventures, then here’s a quick introduction.

Image credit: Lifestory

“Accidentally Wes Anderson” is the duo’s brainchild, a platform that receives thousands of photographs of buildings, landscapes, and objects that follow the strict but convivial aesthetics of a Wes Anderson movie.

Each photograph in Accidentally Wes Anderson has been taken and shared by amateur and professional photographers who have “accidentally” stumbled upon a scene that ticks all the criteria. Those characteristics include visual symmetry, vintage styling, a kaleidoscope of pastel and saturated colours.

The photographs are complemented with their location address and a brief story of their use or origin. Every image becomes a potential travel destination for all or a mere addition to your list of random knowledge.

Image credit: Counter Print

Below, we’ve listed spots in Dublin where you can potentially capture photos that feel intrinsically Wes Anderson.

#1 – National Gallery of Ireland

Image credit: Irish Arts Review

#2 – Teddy’s Ice Cream, Dun Laoghaire

Image credit: Elizabeth Smith, Timeout

#3 – Frank’s Fancy Goods, Frederick Street North

Image credit: The Guardian

#4 – Poolbeg Lighthouse

Image credit: Jennifer, Side Walk Safari

#5 – Kehoes Pub, St Anne Street

Image credit: Louis Fitzgerald Group

#6 – Bathing Shelter, Bull Island

Image credit: Louis Fitzgerald Group

#7 – Iarnrod Eireann

Image credit: Carolyn Barr

#8 – The Alex Hotel

Image credit: Ruth Maria Murphy