Fashion Runway & Interior Trends Spring Summer 2021

The correlation between fashion runways & interiors.

Fashion week refers predominantly to industry designers presenting their upcoming collections in a series of runway shows and presentations.

Considering the main focus is on clothing, it is relatively easy to overlook the intricate details and planning that go into designing the runways or stage sets.

The concept of the runway is as essential as the runway pieces. They form the backdrop, set the mood and give an initial impression of what to expect.

It might come as a surprise, but it’s that fashion paves the way for upcoming design trends, and it makes its way down to interiors or other design forms such as graphic design.

Since spring is on the way, we’ve narrowed down our favourite runways from Spring Summer 2021 Fashion week and how they can translate to different kinds of interior or exterior settings.

#1 – Miu Miu Spring Summer 2021

Miu Miu has always been the one to support the youth. For Spring Summer Miuccia Prada staged a cyber-spacious sports arena that mimicked those of a basketball court. To meet social distancing rules, sections are lined with digital screens of celebrities and influencers live streaming the event. The show reflected the current day and age, keeping in tune to how we’ve been absorbing events and likely will continue to in the future.

Pigalle Basketball Court, Paris

Fittingly situated in one of Paris’ trendy areas, Pigalle Duperre basketball court has become a landmark for its fashion-forward aesthetics and ever-evolving creative interventions.

With a standard layout and plenty of surface area to work with, basketball courts are ripe for fun transformations that challenge our sense of familiarity.

Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH, Berlin

Spielfeld Digital Hub is a co-working and event space focused on exploring digitalisation in Berlin’s Skalitzer Strasse, a former post office.

Using carefully selected materials, geometric structures, and a striking recurring colour scheme, they create a minimalist appearance, while the linear design details mimic the markings of a sports field.

Digital Media Tunnel, Incheon Airport, Seoul

Reinventing how to advertise and view them was the aim for the smart signage team in KNOWCK who designed the dynamic content for Incheon Airport’s media tunnel.

The LED media facade stretches from one end to the other in the 90-meter moving passenger tunnel section. Digital screens are becoming the popular design feature of the future due to its versatility and eye-catching quality.

#2 – Dolce and Gabanna Spring Summer 2021

Dolce and Gabanna’s presentation is a refreshingly modern take on Sicilian patchwork. The runway is heavily covered in this patchwork to capture the spirit of Italian artistry.

The chaotic richness comes from fabrics from the brand’s archives that were interwoven with freshly acquired textiles. The result is a mix of polka dots, florals, denim, and more, cut and put together to form many silhouettes.

Bohemian Interiors, Pinterest

Bohemian interiors are a free-spirited approach to interior design. It’s heavy on mixing and layering patterns that create a space full of life, culture and interesting items.

Boho style is loud, rule-breaking and exotic fit for people who choose to lead an unconventional life, such as constant travellers and writers.

Room Mate Hotel Giulia, Milan

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has modernised the Bohemian style using a clash of colours, patterns and custom furniture when designing Room Mate Giulia, Milan.

The intent was to reflect the design capital’s personality – colours, materials, images, irony and the mix of different languages.

#3 – Jacquemus Spring Summer 2021

Simon Porte Jacquemus staged his Spring 2021 collection in a field of gold. In response to the current situation, models walked in the open air through barley fields, and guests have been seated at safe distances from one another.

The presentation was a visual poetry of melancholy and incredible romance highlighted through the muted colours and tones present in the runway.

Say No Mo Beauty and Cocktail Bar, Kyiv

Say No Mo Beauty Salon, Kyiv, is a conceptual new format of a beauty salon. Understanding the client’s needs and comfort became the basis of the interior solutions.

The beauty salon has a dedicated cocktail bar designed with concrete surfaces and gold accents. These design elements repeat throughout all the spaces in different forms to illustrate creativity and aesthetics.

The Sweet Cocktail Bar, UAE

The Sweet Cocktail Bar, UAE, doubles as a dessert cafe during the day and a cocktail bar at night. The space takes on a modern concept of ‘sweet and spicy’, like oriental desserts.

The organic forms, materials, textures and colours are associated with sweet and spicy desserts – toffee, ice cream, caramel, cinnamon, etc. The interior is supplemented with large dried Ekibans which create the spicy mood.

#4 – Prada Spring Summer 2021

Prada showcased its new Spring Summer collection within a digital realm. It also celebrates Pantone’s colour of the year, the colour yellow. The monochromatic yellow draping brings us into this personal and intimate space and adds a sense of joy and excitement, which we desperately need more of these days.

The monitors and cameras used as chandeliers allow dialogue between man and machine, reflecting how we interact and view events – a theme that is very likely to become an ascending trend over the coming years. Simple yet eye-catching.

Normann Copenhagen Showroom, Denmark

Normann Copenhagen goes for gold, taking cues from the dramatic flair and showmanship of fashion runways in one of its furniture showrooms.

It is unmistakably contemporary with 70’s touches using velvet surfaces paired with bright pops of yellow, reflective steel and mirrored materials.

Acne Studios Flagship Store, Madison Avenue

The minimalist bliss of Acne Studios flagship stores consistently evoke a sense of airiness, simplicity and calm in their interiors. Yellow, albeit a bold colour, compliments the whole Acne Studios Aesthetic.

The entire floor plate features gold as its signature tone and the black asphalt floors and structural columns create a sense of opulence in the space.

Hostel in Parede, Portugal

Yellow is a great accent colour that can create a warm and welcoming ambience that makes guests comfortable from the get-go. Yellow has a remarkable impact on the elements it comes in contact with, and in the case of this Hostel in Parede, it is used to highlight the main stairway.

The yellow mixed with natural light coming from above has drastically accentuated the stairway’s rounded corners and geometry.

#5 – Zimmermann Spring Summer 2021

Zimmermann’s runway is inspired by the native flora and fauna of Nicky Zimmermann’s home country, Australia. It’s a culmination of reflection and a newfound appreciation for nature.

Zimmermann designed the whole concept to bring forth joy, a sense of escapism and the romantic.

Floral Cafe Interiors, Pinterest

Quite a number of cafes are synonymous for their floral decor in particular hanging or ceiling ornaments.

Right at the entrance, you are greeted with a suspended flower garden. These floral havens have become infamous, and adorn Instagram homepages on multiple occasions.

London Shopfronts, Pinterest

The city of London is home to some of the prettiest shop fronts around. Shops, especially boutiques, are attracting customers and hype by making their facades just as exciting as what lies within.

Floral displays are the chosen design material that exudes creativity and individuality. Doorways are transformed into delicate urban jungles full of colour, texture and floral scents.