For most of us a trip to the dentist, doctors, or anything to do with our health can be an arduous task that we just need to get out of the way, or for some it can induce anxiousness, even fear and we can’t wait to get it over with.

Often these physical spaces are designed to be functional, clean, and compliant and there’s nothing wrong with that.


As designers we look at the behaviours of the users in spaces, their communications, and their environment. No more is the design just about the physical space. It is about empathy, human social interaction in a physical and digital format.

We observe all aspects of the design including how the brand talks to its customers through sight, touch, sound and smell. More than ever health and cosmetic brands are evolving to meet their

customer’s needs.

Consumers expectations are high, and the brands that recognise this are upping their game and retaining loyal communities/social tribes.

Wellness project recently completed by Mortar and More,  Aesop Store Coal Drops Yard, London

We embrace that design is about performance for a company and sometimes we will challenge them to rethink their position. As the world is changing, everyone is rethinking what their offer is. We are still exploring what the future is but it’s not the past.

Creating a positive experience for a customer creates an emotional connection to a brand or a space and that means loyalty and that’s hard to break.

Authenticity is rare and there is a lot of noise out there, if there is a compelling vision your customers will come back,

they will be your biggest fans and they will spread the good news.

Customers are now craving more meaningful experiences digitally and physically in every aspect of their lives. We need to be aware of attitudes and preferences to align with this. Our aim is to create seamless holistic experiences that blurs the digital and the physical into one. These are not separate worlds anymore they are blended.

Gone are the days of interior designers and architects designing only physical spaces.


  • On arrival your child is greeted digitally by Winnie the Poo and your waiting experience is one of wonder and delight
  • Materials and spaces reflect ancient restorative bathing practices
  • The temperature and scent in the space reminds you of a breezy summer’s day
  • The waiting area evokes an emotion that you are in a lounge not a waiting room and you are in the best possible place for care
  • Your host is fully aware of your arrival and is expecting you and you are already fully briefed on what is going to happen (digitally or in real time)
  • There are open spaces with clear sightlines but also there are quiet contemplative spaces

And so on…..

A work in progress wellness project by Mortar and More.