A list of our favourite TV series with amusing design elements and narrative.

Over the last decade, there has been an increased attention to detail for set-design or filming locations of TV series. So many of them are now being produced in the same cinematic level as blockbuster movies. They add to the realism of the story but more importantly, it keeps us more engaged and entertained. So here are our picks for series that are worth watching not only for their favourable set design but also for their immersive plot lines.

#1 – Chef’s Table


There are a number of reasons to love Chefs Table on Netflix. Not only does it illustrate the most delicious food, it also has the most stunning cinematography, and highlights the endeavours of the many world-renowned chefs who are featured as they continuously strive to perfect their craft.

The story and food experience is at the centre of this series. The backdrop to the experience, the interiors, which have been carefully created to reiterate the experience for each patron.

From the provocative, to the traditional,  this series is a feast for the senses and for all things design and styling.

Be warned, it may make you both very hungry and want to travel…a lot!

Catch all 6 Seasons of Chef’s Table on Netflix

Still from Chef’s Table, Season 6 Episode 3: Asma Khan

#2 – Killing Eve

Killing Eve

Killing Eve is a British spy thriller series that takes us to different parts of the world thanks to the eccentric vagabond psychopath, Villanelle. We follow her and Eve, an Intelligence officer working for MI6, every season, to virtually visit iconic architectural buildings and monuments via their cat-and-mouse game.

One example of intriguing set design is Villanelle’s new digs in Barcelona. Shot on location, it’s a gem of an apartment with Spanish interiors, Moorish influence and beautiful textured glass colours.

It’s easy to binge-watch and once you start watching the first episode, there’s no looking back. This tv series has ‘killer’ storylines, filled with black comedy and eye candy for design magpies.

Season 1 & 2 is available to watch on Hulu or BBC Player.

Villanelle’s Barcelona apartment in Season 3 of Killing Eve

#3 – McMafia


The series is focused around the financial community in modern-day London and further afield locations such as Croatia, Russia and Israel where the characters are as well-polished as the imagery.

No expense was spared when choosing locations for filming, and no better example is the Sky Garden atop the ‘walkie talkie’ on Fenchurch Street which hosts a three-level Sky Garden, London’s first publicly accessible tall building observation deck, featuring 360-degree views of the city, landscaped gardens, an open-air terrace and two restaurants.

Watch Season 1 of McMafia on BBC iPlayer or Netflix .

Victoria & Albert visit The Sky Garden of Fenchurch Street in Episode 1.

#4 – Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon

Back for a second season, this Blade Runner take off is not as bad as you might think.

It gives a glimpse, albeit a dystopian one, into what the future might hold 300+ years into the future.

If you can get over the rather full-on action sequences the use of AR/VR is really pretty insightful.

A must-see if you’re looking for some “leave your brain at the door” binge-watching, the VFX and the surroundings the show makers have created are awesome!

Would you really want to be immortal…..?

Stream Season 1 & 2 on Netflix.

Poe at The Raven Hotel in Season 2 of Altered Carbon.