When it’s time to upgrade your home office, start with a good office chair!

Working from home often means sitting for long periods. One of the most overlooked items in a home office is a good office chair. It is worth investing in one to minimise potential back issues so that work sessions will be more comfortable.

Finding the perfect one can be tricky. One-size-fits-all does not apply to office chairs when everybody has a different preference regarding comfort and style.

Here we feature our top 5 chairs that facilitate good posture and are stylish enough to tie in with any interior design scheme.

If you would like to purchase any of the below…



Soft Pad EA 217

This office chair from Vitra is a classic example of an office chair that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The finishes, armrest and base can be configured to suit your preference.



Smart Diffirient

Humanscale chairs are designed and built with style and purpose for greater functionality. They are sustainable, customisable and boasts impressive build quality.



Flux Flx_1

This stylish ergonomic chair from Verco not only looks great, it offers good support for your back. The chair is made from strong mesh, promoting airflow around your back and it has comfortable armrests for those long shifts.


Max Design

Appia Work

Available in different pops of colours, the streamlined and minimalistic silhouette evokes structural lightness. It is durable and fully recyclable with a modern and unique style.



S 64 VDR

Marcel Breuer’s classic S 64 cantilever chair from 1929 has been redesigned as an office chair by Thonet with great sensitivity and respect for the original design idea. The wickerwork and the high-quality materials make it an ideal office chair for any modern office space.