Design Podcast Picks

Creatively drained?

Designers get their inspiration from all sorts of places: real-life experiences, current events, mentors, and of course, industry podcasts. Design podcasts are one of the best ways to keep a finger on the pulse of the creative industry. They can give you insights from some of the world’s most talented people and introduce you to a world of new ideas—all through your headphones. So here’s a roundup of five design podcasts that we think will keep you sharp, motivated, and entertained.

#1 – Monocle 24: Monocle on Design

‘Everything you need to know about the world of design, from furniture to fashion and craft to architecture. Expect fresh stories, new finds and designers and all the latest news from the world’s most exciting studios.’

Monocle on Design is the perfect podcast for aesthetes who love every aspect of design. There’s never been a better time to get whisked away by host Josh Fehnert’s fascinating delves into various facets of the design world, from landscape architecture to the future of fashion to typography.

#2 – Design Details

‘A weekly conversation about design process and culture. Hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin.’

A show about the people who design our favourite products. They also discuss their different career journeys and how designers work in diverse creative disciplines.

#3 – Life of an Architect

‘A gifted storyteller communicating the role and value of architecture to a new audience, host Bob Borson uses the experiences acquired over a 25-year career to inform his podcast. It responds to the public’s curiosity and common misunderstanding about what architects do and how it is relevant to people’s lives, engaging a wide demographic of people in a meaningful way without requiring an understanding of the jargon or knowledge of the history of the profession. With a creative mix of humour and practicality, Borson’s stories are informative, engaging, and approachable, using first-person narratives and anecdotes that have introduced transparency into what it really means to be a practising architect.’

A casual conversation about all things architecture. It responds to the public’s curiosity and common misunderstanding about what architects do and how it is relevant to people’s lives.

#4 – 99% Invisible

‘Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we’ve just stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. From award winning producer Roman Mars. Learn more at

A proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at’

Since 2010, Roman Mars has hosted 99% Invisible, a podcast which aims to expose the unseen elements of design and architecture which might, some of the time, be overlooked.

#5 – The Futur with Chris Do

‘Candid conversations with the most interesting and inspirational people that you’ve never heard of. Host, Chris Do, interviews people from all walks of life about the fringes of design, technology, marketing and business all in hopes of changing the way you think.’

We are new listeners to this one, but we like it! A podcast hosted by Chris Do (an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator amongst other things!), you’ll hear interviews with creatives from around the world who speak on topics like business, design and personal growth.