Mortar & More Weekender


By: Kate

I guess this blurb and these tunes are a nod to my big Sis. She used to have cassettes tapes in her room. I swear as a child I could suss out by the blue biro writing on the tapes where the songs I liked were.

I could literally memorise 10 seconds rewind or fast forward on the chunky buttons to a voice or a melody. I had no idea who these artists were. Just knew in my bones I loved them.

Yeah Roxy music, Bowie and all the good stuff were there also but somehow these guys did it for me.

As a teenager l started going to the Southport Soul weekenders.  People with different accents, attitudes, style from all over the country.  Lots of rooms playing house, R&B, northern soul, Jazz, hip hop.

My favourite room as a 19 year old was known as the “OLD BAS**RDS ROOM”….Seriously not a joke! Heard some of those old cassette tunes all over again.

Enjoy the tunes. X

#1 – My Baby’s Got Esp – Four Below Zero

#2 – Give Me the Night – George Benson

#3 – Native New Yorker – Odyssey

#4 – It’s My House – Diana Ross

#5 – See You When I Git There – Lou Rawls

#6 – It’s A Shame – The Spinners

#7 – I’ll Be Around – The Spinners

#8 – Ordinary Joe – Terry Callier

#9 – Stomp! – The Brothers Johnson

#10 – The Bottle -Gil Scott-Heron