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Dudley’s – The Journey



On our first visit, we were introduced to what once was Bakers Bar, sitting proudly on the corner of Thomas St. and Meath St. Clearly once a local pub with a warm charm to it, Kathleen the flower lady set up outside providing colour and conversation to all who passed.

The previous exterior. The pub’s prime location provided excellent scope for visual impact.

The interior was steeped in history with memorabilia of John Wayne, Elvis, Muhammad Ali and lots more. Clearly a place for all manner of locals, a real home away from home. Our approach was all-inclusive. To welcome locals back to a good pub, but also to attract new passing trade.

We made the exterior shine, greeting new and old customers to Dudley’s with all the character of its namesake.

We refreshed the façade, as well as retaining and restoring everything we could to the interior. Some of this was budget driven, other things were out of love. The concept was always to create a good bar that walks the line between Old Dublin and a new fresh vibrant destination.

Working with many of the existing finishes and bringing them back to life while working within the proposed scheme was integral to the project’s success.

Selecting new finishes to complement the old ones helped to enrich and reiterate the charm of this old Dublin bar and lounge.

These snippets illustrate some of the design process: Where we began, how the design developed from concept, through sketch development and right through to finishes on site.