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The Modern Cobbler








660 Sq Ft

Sometimes we allow ourselves to have a passion project, this is one of them. Born out of a want to see how retail in Dublin can build upon community roots and connections with other retailers through proximity and a likeminded ethos.  Through this approach, it also allows us to illustrate the direction in which retail is headed.

Taking a small retail space on Dublin’s Drury Street, we developed a concept which created a retail experience rooted in community connections that packs a punch within a small footprint. It also considers the sustainability of the materials within the overall scheme.

And this became our framework for The Modern Cobbler. A space for the refurbishment of your favourite trainers or brogues while getting to know the expert who takes care of your prized possessions.

A space where small retail provides big impact and a complementary offering in what could be viewed by some as Dublin’s shoe district.

This concept allows us to illustrate ways in which retail can be experience orientated globally.

The Modern Cobbler

The first floor is designed to be focused on the more traditional craft of shoe repair and restoration. The use of natural materials throughout the concept contrast with the cleans lines of the steel, selected for its sustainable properties.

The ground floor is all designed for impact while allowing the shoe care to stand out as a point of theatre. Sneakers are worked on and discussed at an island setting. Treated as treasures, stored in steel drawers waiting for their owner to return and collect.