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2,200 Sq Ft

A FINN Partners Company, PR360 are trusted advisers to senior executives from leading companies, brands, boards, organisations and governments. Mortar & More was commissioned to design a workplace to reflect the company’s ethos.

It was essential that what Mortar & More designed reflected 360’s business objectives and culture of high performance, but also their integrity and nurturing of existing employees, customers and business partners. It was also necessary to make it attractive to the best industry talent, with a view to executing the company’s objectives at the highest level.


"Mortar & More are an energetic team who have approached each of our projects with both creativity and strategy. As a team you gain a real sense of their creative strength which is proven through the design."

Dan Pender, Managing Partner, 360, A FINN Partners Company
Bright Colour
Bright Colour

Pops of bright colour, and the accompanying selection of different furniture styles, encourage those working in and using this space to collaborate, be inspired, stick around and exchange ideas.

Natural Extension
Natural Extension

The first floor office spaces become a natural extension of the ground floor meeting spaces by using the subdued materials palette and soft textiles, creating a calm and understated ambience.