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Cooper's Corner








2,800 Sq Ft

Coopers Corner is nestled in to Kilmainham, Dublin sitting next to the River Camac.

A toast to the art of coopering. This Dublin bar and restaurant takes inspiration from this rare and highly skilled trade which was a vibrant trade within the locality due to its proximity to the Guinness Brewery which is only a stones throw away. The concept was a nod to craftmanship, authenticity and heritage.

Subtle details derived from the old ways of barrel making are installed into an unequivocally modern space resulting in a playful relationship between dark, moody, classically inspired elements and bold, illuminated motifs.

We celebrated the shopfront with new canopies and a crown of planting to entice and grab the attention of local people, passers-by and to bring this gem back to life.

Cooper's Corner

"Their attention to detail and hunger to see a project out from concept to completion is unmatched, and it shows in Coopers Corner."

Bobby Gaynor, Co-Owner and Chef

Bobby Gaynor, Co-Owner and Chef

The chefs table provides a feature piece in the space. It follows the footprint of the architecture while providing space for large gatherings. Grounding the chefs table is the overhead canopy full of planting.

Seating along a glazed elevation provides views out on to the river Camac and Bow Bridge.