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Bringing the energy and the life back to this heritage venue was our challenge on this particular project. Mortar & More were engaged to create a vibrant venue, reflecting the area of the Liberties while retaining the heritage of Baker’s Bar in all its original glory.

Now named Dudley’s after a local character, Thomas Dudley, a colourful Dublin personality fondly known by his nickname ‘Bang Bang’, it was critical for us and our client to create a palette that was reflective of a ‘great old Dublin pub’. 

We purposefully restored everything we could, the existing timber panelling, the bar tops, the much-used beautiful doors, the furniture was reupholstered and the floors retained. We worked with the existing shopfront, but gave it more of a pop on the street to attract passing trade. The concept narrative with everything here was ‘Good Old Dublin’, with a youthful, cheeky twist.



Bold colours used reflect the boldness of Thomas Dudley, the bar’s namesake. The colour palette carries through from the facade to within, representing the liveliness and character of the man himself, someone synonymous with the area.

Peeking through the facade with a welcoming glow, the interior calls passersby into the space. The traditional ‘bar’ colours on the front sets a tone for what’s to be expected within.